O R E B I , C R O A T I A

O R E B I ,  fame and embllishment of peninsula Peljeshac, is situated on south-west of it, in downside of hill st. Ilija (961 meters). There is about 100 km long distance from Dubrovnik. This sunny, lively small town is domicile famous sea captains, who are, in  XVII and XVIII century sailed around whole world, who are went to the longest part of earth. In returned from their travell, they have been bringing in Orebic many kind of the most exotic plants, which stupefaying smell caresses soul and bady of visitors, making ilusion of exotic and long seaside countrys. An ordered and aranged Orebic' s museum testify about these seamens and their unbelievable adventures, which is part of Franjev monastery (1470). Exponates of priceless value are kept in monastery treasury. The view on Korcula island and other isles, from the plateau in front of the monestary is impressive and unforgetable .

Orebic offers to its visiors clean environment, untouched nature with hundred year old pines, cypresses, agavas and flowers, long beaches and big number of small bays with cristally clean seawater.

Orebic is old place with modern infrastucture: first class hotels, hospital, post office, banks, super-markets, excelently providing market,  mediterraneanly arranged restaurants, disco clubs. In one word, ideally for rest and fun, both for youth and whole family.

Orebic geografic situaton offers to visitors possibilty excursion to famous places:  Dubrovnik, Split, Korchula, Ston, Mljet, Hvar, Brach.

Korchula channel is one of the most ideal places for water sports: sailing,  skiing on the water, fishing and underwater fishing. There is modern sea marine in the city center.